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Your Kids, All Ages and Skill-Levels, Gain 2 Years of
in 20 Hours (4 weeks) of instruction
– APRIL 2015 –



“I no longer have any excuses. I can do it.” Mike H., student

“I love your system. It really works.”  Amy A., mother and teacher

“I wish I knew this stuff and USED it when my kids were growing up.” Alex R., father and teacher

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Welcome to Brainsarefun,

You already know that kids are plenty smart. In most cases lack of “brains” is not the problem. The problem is, far too many kids haven’t been flooded with reading, math and study-skill success (Yet!).

Now it’s up to us. Using these free solutions virtually all kids (all ages and skill-levels) gain 2-full years of reading, math and study-skill success in 20 hours of instruction – home and school, no hidden charges or gimmicks.

No signup required.

YOUR 3 FREE DOWNLOADS INCLUDE (With nothing else to purchase or buy):

1. How to Flood Your Kids With School Success - Kids replace allowances and “free money” with “earning.” Plenty of free examples.  For home and school, 50 pages of clear instructions and examples put kids in charge of winning. All ages and skill levels.

2. How to Use The Incredible Reading Machine – Kids average 2-years reading gain in 4-weeks (20 hours of clear instruction). For home and school, 50 pages of clear instructions and examples flood kids with reading success. All ages and skill levels.

3. How to use The Amazing Math Machine - Kids average 2-years math gain in 4-weeks (20 hours of clear instruction). For home and school, 50 pages of clear instructions and examples flood kids with math success. All ages and skill levels.

  • Kids average 2-year reading gain in 4 weeks
  • Kids average 2-year math gain in 4 weeks
  • Kids learn to start on time, stay on task and complete their assignments

Since these solutions are yours you may forward them to friends and family at no charge.

  • How to Flood Your Kids With School Success is the place to begin. Once your contracts and agreements are in place, then jump into either math or reading.
  • PDF download includes clear instructions, scripts and examples.
  • 8.5 X 11 format designed for easy use.


Thanks for all you do to flood kids with reading, math and study-skill success. Let me know how I can help,





Rory Donaldson, Chief Brain
Success with reading, math and study-skills teacher
What Makes Him So Smart?


P.S. Does Brainsarefun really work with everyone? Yes, because every field-tested skill, tool and solution is built on “success” and I’ve never met a kid, or adult, who didn’t love success. 

Use these free skills tools and solutions for 20 short hours (4 short weeks). After that it almost doesn’t matter what else your kids do – they’ll master how to succeed with reading, math and study-skills. They will catch up and accelerate with the skills required to continue their educations and hold jobs with a future. That’s winning BIG!


Brains Are Fun, Brainsarefun and all materials copyright © 2001, 2015 by Rory Donaldson. All rights reserved. Because saving academic lives is so critical make sure you tell friends and family how to acquire their own free copies. Working together, we can flood kids with reading, math and study-skill success.