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Brainsarefun Heroes



You and Your Kids Can Be Heroes Too!
by Rory Donaldson, Brainsarefun



Unfortunately, hero-worship is out. Most serious writers these days are more interested in "forces" than they are in "heroes" or "heroines." Yet, I believe most of us want to slay dragons. Defeating evil is one of our oldest stories.

Personally, I believe it's important for parents to publicize heroes and achievement. It will be interesting for you to note where your list coincides with mine. Stick it in your notebook. Let your children, friends and co-workers know you have heroes, people and accomplishments you really admire. Check out some biographies and recordings about these men and women from the library. Leave them lying around the house. Listen with your children to great audio recordings (video can come later) about men and women who have achieved. Your librarian will help you.

It's essential for children to know that there are real "dragon slayers" in the world. Some are very famous people, others are parents and teachers, just like you and me.

My personal hero list includes, but is not limited to: 

  1. Louisa Donaldson, my wife forever
  2. My boys Chris, Thomas and Mike
  3. Abraham Lincoln
  4. Albert Einstein
  5. Albert Schweitzer
  6. Alex Rode Redmountain
  7. Anne Frank
  8. Anne Sullivan
  9. Aretha Franklin
  10. Barbara Tuckman
  11. Bill Gates
  12. Billy Graham
  13. Bob Dylan
  14. Chris Donaldson
  15. Chuck Froelicher
  16. Dwight Eisenhower
  17. Earnest Shakelton
  18. Eleanor Roosevelt
  19. Ella Watson
  20. Emma Goldman
  21. George Harrison
  22. George Sheehan
  23. George Washington
  24. Gordon Parks
  25. Helen Keller
  26. Henry David Thoreau
  27. Henry Ermanagildo Pozzetta
  28. Huck Truitt
  29. Huckelberry Finn
  30. Jackie Robinson
  31. Jesse Owens
  32. Jim Hinds
  33. Jimi Hendrix
  34. Jim Rohn
  35. Joe Lewis
  36. John Bigelow – The Duke
  37. John Glenn
  38. John Lennon
  39. John Steinbeck
  40. Keith Richards
  41. Laura Schlesinger
  42. Leigh and Lindsay Cohn
  43. Leo Buscaglia
  44. Les Paul
  45. Leslie Donaldson, my mother
  46. Levon Helm
  47. Lisa Donaldson
  48. Louis Armstrong
  49. Mahatma Gandhi
  50. Malcolm X
  51. Mark Twain
  52. Martha Stewart
  53. Martin Luther
  54. Martin Luther King
  55. Mike Donaldson
  56. Meredith Rode
  57. Michael DeBakey
  58. Mother Teresa
  59. Mr. Rogers
  60. Muhammad Ali
  61. My ancestors
  62. My mother and father
  63. Paul McCartney
  64. Paul Newman
  65. President Eisenhower
  66. Ralph Puckett
  67. Ralph Waldo Emerson
  68. Ray Anderson
  69. Rich Appelbaum
  70. Ringo Star
  71. Rodgers (Rodg) Donaldson, my father
  72. Rosa Parks
  73. Roy Masters
  74. Sarah Donaldson
  75. Sherwin Nuland
  76. Steve Jobs
  77. St. Patrick
  78. Tammy Faye Messner
  79. Thomas Donaldson
  80. Thomas Jefferson
  81. Tom Hardy
  82. Tom Zetterstrom
  83. Walt Stack
  84. Will and Ariel Durrant
  85. Yo-Yo Ma

The point is, no matter how the list is written, there are men and women who have accomplished and they've left a legacy. We can be heroes in our own lives. I have seen it.


Thanks for all you do to flood kids with reading, math and study-skill success.