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 NOVEMBER 2012 – 


"I love your system. It really works." Ami A., mother and teacher
"I now have the skills to succeed. I no longer have any excuses. I can do it!" Mike H., student

Students, Parents, Teachers – Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Information Organization, Critical Thinking, Study Skills and Success with Math…
– starting on time, staying on task, completing assignments 

The Basics of Academic Success that Are Never Forgotten.

from Rory Donaldson, Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)


WELCOME TO BRAINSAREFUN – It's no secret, I'm a nut about teaching all kids to read. Reading skills lead to far brighter horizons and much better futures for us all. And the secret? It really isn't all that hard. By practicing just a few simple methods in your household or classroom, you can teach all kids to read and succeed. My new eBook How to Teach All Kids to Read and Succeed ($24.95*) shows you how.

The outcomes speak for themselves:

  • Reading skills accelerate across the board, averaging 2.1 years first 20-hours of instruction
  • Students become self-motivated
  • Parents, teachers and students experience the joy of success, continuing their educations and holding jobs with a future

Begin immediately by downloading your free copy of The New 3 Keys to Academic Success – Read aloud for family unity tonight:

Once familiar with The 3 Keys you'll be invited to explore the details of our first complete system, Learn How to Teach All Kids to Read and Succeed ($24.95*).

As a school teacher, I learned that teaching kids to read and succeed (all ages and backgrounds) really isn't that hardbut I had to learn how and where to start. I found out, and now I want everyone to find out. Everyone's future depends on it.
No matter what age, no matter which home or school curriculum, the fundamental keys always remain the same:
  • KEY #1 – Cooperation Before Instruction is the Great Mandate
  • KEY #2 – Everyone Must Learn to Read with Phonics
  • KEY #3 – Motivation Begins With Success

Step #1 creates cooperation before instruction, accelerating success for all kinds of students: gifted and talented, those who need to catch up fastdyslexic, attention-deficit, doubly-talented, smart and restless, poor study habits, students re-entering school, computer kids, youth-at-risk, athletes, English as a Second Language (ESL)… Brainsarefun is for all parents, teachers and students who need success.

Step #2 teaches all kids to read.

Step #3 motivates with success.

See what some of our greatest fans are saying.

When you download The New 3 Keys you'll gain immediate free access to one of our most important tools, "Read Aloud for Family Unity," setting the stage for enjoyment as early as tonight.

You'll also be introduced to our 100 page solution: Learn How to Teach All Kids to Read and Succeed ($24.95*) – building homes and classrooms around:

  • Positive Discipline 
  • Phonic Reading
  • Direct Instruction
  • Contracts that Put Your Kids in Charge of Winning 
  • Accelerated-Learning-Study-Skills
  • Starting on Time, Staying on Task, Completing Assignments
  • A Literature of Hope
  • Experiential Education 
  • Family Unity

Brainsarefun fully integrates with every home and school curriculum and sequence you can throw at it, including Kahn Academy, Core Knowledge, The Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Race to the Top, Experiential Education and Outward Bound.  During my years as a teacher, school director and parent my colleagues and I used and proved every skill, tool and solution presented here again and again. The result is a field-tested system that teaches kids to read and succeed, preparing them to continue their educations and hold jobs with a future. Read how well it works.

Since 2001 I've been asking for someone to show me a better way to teach kids to read and succeed. So far no one has. Click here for testimonials.

BRAINSAREFUN'S MISSION IS TO SAVE ACADEMIC LIVES by teaching all kids to read and succeed, in fun and self-rewarding ways that build family unity. “You and your kids can too.” 

Find out more, The New 3 Keys to Academic Success

Thanks for all you do to help kids read and succeed. Let me know how I can help.

Working together, we really do make a difference,

Rory Donaldson, What makes him so smart?
Denver, Colorado 80238

* Don't fret. If you're a parent, teacher or student who can't afford $24.95 just send me an email and I'll send you the complete system for free (no strings attached). Your success is that important.

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