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BRAINSAREFUN FEARLESS FRIDAY BLOG – Bright Futures With Reading, Math and Study-Skills – Friday April 11, 2014

FEARLESS FRIDAY – April 11, 2014

It's your job, the way I see it, to make sure your kids succeed with math. I hate it when I hear kids say, "I don't like math." What does this mean? In my opinion it means they aren't in a decent math program and that's a shame.

Almost without exception, the way math is taught is a crying shame. The failure starts showing up Big Time in the 5th grade. Kids don't get math and it all goes back to the fact they were never taught how to succeed with the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables. Many were never taught their numerals to mastery. Kids are afraid of math and that stinks!

If you know a kid who's struggling with math there is a three step process to test his or her current skill-level:

  1. You must gain cooperation, so make sure you've asked permission to sit down for 5 minutes;
  2. No matter what age, test their ability to follow The Nose Script  to determine their current interest in cooperation;
  3. Reward them with a smile and eye contact.

Then, make sure kids always have the answer and solution keys FIRST. We're going on a surfing safari to set all these kids up with success.

Working together, we really do make a difference.



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