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BRAINSAREFUN FEARLESS FRIDAY BLOG – Bright Futures With Reading, Math and Study-Skills – Friday December 27, 2013


Sometimes I feel like the last reader alive, when everyone else seems to have their eyes glued to a device.

I know it's true, "devices need reading too," but reading on a device is different than reading a book. Different parts of the brain are ignited. When kids are lucky enough to have their brains lit up by both great literature and the printed page,  "Wow! What a pleasure."

Personally, I'm going into the new year reading John Lennon's Letters. I bet they're a gas, gas, gas…

To kids in 2014 I'm going to be reading more stories about "Achievement," like about the Wright Brothers.

We used to read stories to our kids about achievement and success, two themes currently in decline, replaced by ennui. 

Experience has been homogenized into "content."

Almost without exception, the message is "doom." My hope is, it's cyclic. As the next cycle of hope begins, I want kids equipped with really strong reading and math skills. These are the kids who will be able to continue their educations and hold jobs with a future. As we rush towards a global population of 9 billion people, these are the ones who will have a chance to pay something back. I hope I'm not the last reader alive.


Working together we really do make a difference,



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Rory Donaldson

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