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BRAINSAREFUN FEARLESS FRIDAY BLOG – Bright Futures With Reading, Math and Study-Skills – Friday December 6, 2013


American high school students slip in global education rankings: BEST OF NEWS | DECEMBER 3, 2013

Every time an article like this appears (2-3 times a year it seems) we rush to deny it. Almost unanimously we refuse to accept the findings and make excuses something like, "The tests didn't adhere to correct protocol." Be that as it may, no matter what the test, I know at least 36% aren't succeeding with reading and math. This is a critical problem for far-too-many, and the economy.

Why? Because employers want kids who can read and complete their assignments. Reminds me of the movie Invictus  wherein the team that winds the Big Game.

I have definitely been accused of being too rigid about what I want kids to learn. There's nothing more rigid than being trapped in dead-end jobs.

Why are American high school students continuing to slip? It's not because of "standards," or "testing," or "accountability." It's because they aren't being flooded with reading, math and study-skill success. As adults, charged with equipping our kids for the future, it's our job to teach them to succeed with reading, math and study skills.

I'm really glad you're getting these skills, like Answers First. This stuff is so powerful that it really does save lives. I know for a fact, because it saved mine. This is the important conversation, "How can we save kids lives?" I propose we teach all of them to succeed with reading, math and study skills.

Thanks everyone.

Working together we really do make a difference,



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Rory Donaldson

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