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BRAINSAREFUN FEARLESS FRIDAY BLOG – Bright Futures With Reading, Math and Study-Skills – Friday February 14, 2014


What a wonderful way to spend time with your kids. There really are hearts in this heartless world. What a wonderful opportunity for an Internet hug: "Internet hug." Signal. Everyone hugs.

Wow! I've entered the world of direct Internet teaching and tutoring. I heard that the Internet's going to change everything, and it has. To reach more parents, teachers and kids I've started teaching the world's greatest study-skill, 5-5-5s on video-conferencing services like Skype.

PRIVACY AND SECURITY – Of course, privacy and security are essential to establishing honesty and integrity on the Internet. The only way to create this security and safety is for you to call me directly to establish a safe and secure video-conference that works for all of us: 860-304-3178. If you prefer, emaIl me and tell me what you'd like to accomplish:

As well as teaching "how to" skills to kids, parents and teachers, I've expanded my teaching to include one-on-one and group video-training using video-conferencing on the Internet. Students, teachers and parents can now "hang out" on-line and be flooded with reading, math and study-skill success – right then and there. Just call me and we'll set up a connection 860-304-3178 (MST).

If you prefer, send me an email:

Don't be nervous about fees, scholarships are available – especially for early, pioneering, students, teachers and parents who need to flood kids with reading, math and study-skill success, fast! We can do it.

For a complete discussion of "cooperation before instruction" and sample contracts you can modify for your own benefit, see our core solution, How to Flood Your Kids with School Success. 

Thanks for all you do to flood kids with reading, math and study-skill success.



Rory Donaldson, Success with reading, math and study-skills teacher, Brainsarefun. To save academic lives Brainsarefun's Fearless Friday Blog is published fearlessly every Friday, © 2014 by Rory Donaldson,, 860-304-3178. Let me know how I can help.

Rory Donaldson

I flood kids with reading, math and study-skill success.