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BRAINSAREFUN FEARLESS FRIDAY BLOG – Bright Futures With Reading, Math and Study-Skills – Friday July 18, 2014

FEARLESSLY – A father asks, "What's the good news about kids these days?"

Parents and teachers have always complained about kids being alienated, unhappy, violent and illiterate. Is there any good news?


You bet, as reported in the July 20, 2014 issue of The Economist (an English news magazine) page 22, there's a ton of good news (I believe it's fair to extrapolate the findings to kids in the USA too):

Perhaps most remarkably, Britain's notoriously surly youth are getting more polite – less rude and noisy in public places . Cigarettes and binge drinking are down.

Recreational drug use is way-down from the 1970s.

There is a growing equality between men and women, between the races and between young and old.

There is a whole new premium on education. Far more kids have far more schooling than any previous generation in the history of the world. Parenting and teaching have improved dramatically. 

Parents are spending more time with their kids, an average 161 minutes a day (up from 77 minutes from mothers without jobs in the 70's).

In the 1970s the Average American mother had her first child at 22. That has since increased to around 26.

Kids these days have a very high ability to concentrate when it's in their self interest and leads to social approval. They maintain new generations of social networking we've never heard of, are involved in various crafts, mixing music, mashing and being creative across various media, building computers, learning deep software, collecting vinyl, using YouTube as a channel, volunteering, traveling, holding jobs, earning their way.

Kids these days say they want to build something better. I agree, Bright Futures are "better." They can only be built on a strong foundation of reading, math and study-skills. Short-changing kids on success with these skills leads to too many academic lives being lost.

THE MESSAGE IS SIMPLE: It's up to us to give kids every chance. There's still a ton of time this summer to read aloud, to take 5-minutes to listen to the world's greatest study-skill, to use The Amazing Math Machine to unlock math success.

Every kid deserves a chance to succeed with reading, math and study-skills this summer. It takes very little time and is an investment in family unity that will pay-off huge. Thanks for taking the time,

Rory Donaldson, Chief Brain, Success with reading, math and study-skills teacher, Brainsarefun. To save academic lives Brainsarefun's Fearless Friday Blog is published fearlessly every Friday, © 2012 – 2014 by Rory Donaldson,, 860-304-3178. Our kids really can do it!

Rory Donaldson

I flood kids with reading, math and study-skill success.