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 A politician friend of mine fearlessly asked,

I sure would like to stop "looking back." I'd like to talk about the future – saving the lives of kids and the positive economic contribution that makes. What do you think a smart politician should say? Maybe we could elect him/her president.

My reply,

Great question. I can only tell you what I'd like to hear from a candidate sometime (anywhere).  I think it would sound something like this.

The next question we must ask is, "How?"

Here are the 3 free solutions that give virtually all our kids a chance.

I began Brainsarefun to fill an enormous void. Far too many kids (and adults) were struggling with school (pre-school through college) because they never experienced success with reading, math and study-skills. So let's give them a chance. For 10 years I've been asking parents and teachers to show me a better way. So far, no one has. Home and schools. All ages. All curricula.

Thanks for all you do to flood kids with success,

Click here for sample "earning" contracts.

Rory Donaldson, Chief Brain, Success with reading, math and study-skills teacher, Brainsarefun. To save academic lives Brainsarefun's Fearless Friday Blog is published fearlessly every Friday, © 2012 – 2014 by Rory Donaldson,, 860-304-3178. Kids really can do it!


Rory Donaldson

I flood kids with reading, math and study-skill success.