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Fearlessly – a mother asks,

I see a lot of jobs for computer engineers. I was wondering, do these jobs require math skills?

Rory's reply

I thought it would be a good idea to have a real computer engineer, Jim Hinds, answer this one, so I asked Jim for his comments. Here's his reply:

  • Math is not the essence of most computer engineers as it used to be (although it IS essential for electrical engineers, statisticians and graphical rendering type folks).
  • It’s more like “do you have the knack” to construct stuff.  Especially virtual stuff.  “Can you figure out ALL the consequences of what happens in your program?”  Kind of abstract Lego-block thinking.
  • They don’t teach that in math, or English.  Physics and chemistry kind of thinking could work, especially when you need to think of throughput and stuff like that.
  • The good programmers just “have it.”  So if the kid likes it, that’s the important thing.

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