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BRAINSAREFUN FEARLESS FRIDAY BLOG – news from the reading renaissance – Friday April 19, 2013

REWARDS – that put your kids in charge of winning – Part 2

(see last-weeks Fearless Friday blog for Part 1)

Parents and teachers tell me, "I'm still uneasy with this whole concept of paying children to do something they should be doing anyway. I want them to study out of a real love of learning, not because they’re getting paid."

The most common question I'm asked about "Contracts" has to do with the advisability of rewarding children for behavior that parents would prefer is "self-rewarding." Parents are concerned about "bribing" or "rewarding" behavior they would prefer came naturally, or from "love" or a "feeling of responsibility."

I understand the question: You don't like paying children for doing what you think they should be doing for free. The reality is, however, appealing to self-interest and social approval is one heck of a lot easier than trying to get someone to work for free because we think it’s a good idea.

Rarely do we work for free. We work because we’re motivated to work, often by one of the two greatest motivators of all time, self interest and social approval. We might wish it otherwise, but if wishes were horses beggars would ride. 

I do my job in order to earn. I have other motivators as well, but earning is one of the big ones. Since I have to earn my way I believe my children and students are best served when I teach them how to earn theirs. Since my main interest is educational success, that's where I put my emphasis. I put a huge focus on my children learning to earn and pay their own way. On top of that I provide them with the fundamental skills they’re going to need to survive: reading, writing, listening, speaking, information organization, critical thinking, study skills and math.

Thanks for all you do to flood kids with success. Let me know how I can help.


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