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BRAINSAREFUN FEARLESS FRIDAY BLOG – news from the reading renaissance – Friday June 28, 2013



Can you imagine a great artist being told, "Stop repeating that passage. Stop restating that theme. Stop retelling that story?" Great artists know all about repeating, restating and retelling each part to mastery. Repetition is one of their greatest teaching tools. Sure, it can be frustrating to repeat to Little Billy for the 80th time, "Bill, for the …"

But whose fault is it that L.B. isn't paying attention? Did he ever agree to pay attention? Great teaching starts with "cooperation" before tackling additional instruction.

"Repeat, repeat, repeat, Restate, restate, restate. Retell, retell, retell." This is one of the many Royal Roads to teaching excellence.

Thanks for all you do to teach kids to succeed with reading and math. Let me know how I can help. 
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