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BRAINSAREFUN FEARLESS FRIDAY BLOG – news from the reading renaissance – Friday May 24, 2013


As reported last week, our 3 new Version 2.0 solutions are on the way. It's really true.

Even better explained, simpler and easier to use. More examples, fun and success. No increase in price, still $24.95 each.* Our three new eBook solutions are:

  1. FLOOD YOUR KIDS WITH SCHOOL SUCCESS – 50 page solution for home and school creates contracts and agreements that put your kids in charge of winning – all ages and abilities. Easy instructions and sample contracts included, $24.95. Get ready for a summer of success and fun.
  2. THE INCREDIBLE READING MACHINE – 35 page eBook floods kids with reading success​ – all ages and abilities, at home and school. Easy examples and instructions provide students with 2.1 year average reading gain after  20 hours of instruction, $24.95. Includes reading suggestions by skill-level. A great opportunity for summer success and fun.
  3. THE AMAZING MATH MACHINE – 35 page eBook flood your kids with math success – all ages and abilities. Easy examples and instructions provide students with 1 year math gain after 10 hours of instruction, $24.95. A great opportunity for summer success and fun.

Fresh for summer picking – each solution has been reformatted and simplified to warrant a major Ver. 2.0 release. As well as flooding kids with reading success, for the first time we're making our math solution available, The Amazing Math Machine. I think you're going to like the way they work.


  • Flood Your Kids with Academic Success, single copy, $24.95 *
  • Incredible Reading Machine, single copy (includes free copy of Flood Your Kids With Academic Success), $24.95 *
  • Amazing Math Machine, single copy (includes free copy of Flood Your Kids With Academic Success), $24.95 *


If you would like to pre-order just email me your order,, and I'll make sure you receive a pre-release copy. As always, a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee prevails.

Thanks for all you do to teach kids to succeed with reading and math. Let me know how I can help.


P.S. If you haven't received your 10 Free Reading Tools and Solutions, click here and leave me your email. You're going to like the way they work.

* We know that some people don't have $24.95 right now, but still have the need for success with their kids this summer. If you need any of our solutions email me and I'll send them to you for free: I love to send stuff out for free. I love it when people buy our product. Either way I win. Just let me know what works best for you. Thanks.

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Rory Donaldson

I flood kids with reading, math and study-skill success.