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What did I mean last Fearless Friday when I said, "Something Mr. Miyagi fully understood in the Karate Kid?"

Mr. Miyagi was the wise guru in the family movie, Karate Kid. Before beginning karate instruction he had "Grasshopper" wax his car about a million times. "Wax on. Wax off," was his instruction.

Being a master teacher Mr. Miyagi fully understood that he had to gain Grasshopper's cooperation before beginning instruction. After a variety of interludes Mr. Miyagi finally achieves his student's cooperation and only then does he move on to additional instruction.

Would you like more cooperation? As your own personal version of a wise teacher and parent you can always approach your children and students with a little script that goes something like this:

"Son/Daughter, your success is so important to me that I’d like to discuss how you can get your hands on some additional money and privileges. I’d like to get together for a few minutes to discuss what you'd like. When and where would you like to meet?" (Write it down.)

Use this one simple request to lead to family meetings, contracts and earning systems that work for everyone. Specific details for developing effective contracts for home and school begin on page 11 of How to Teach Your Kids to Read and Succeed.

Bait that hook with fat juicy worms and become fishers of readers. I know you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

Thanks and a tip of the hat to Mr. Miyagi,


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