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Grades Improve,  
2.1 year reading gain in 20 hours


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Teach Your Kids to Succeed with Reading and Math

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from Rory Donaldson, Master of Arts in Teaching,
What makes him so smart?


"I love your system. It really works," Ami A., mother and teacher

"I can do it! I now have the skills to succeed," Mike H., student

"I wish I knew this stuff and USED it when my kids were growing up,"
Alex R., PhD, psychologist, teacher, parent

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I've got some great news for you – your kids are plenty smart. As a teacher I learned that lack of brains is almost never the problem. The problem is, we're not teaching enough of our kids to succeed with reading and math. We can fix that!
Here are the skills, tools and solutions that have provided success for so many kids of all ages and abilities: gifted and talented, doubly gifted, specially challenged, ESL, dyslexic, students with attention deficit disorder… I can tell you this, of the hundreds and hundreds of kids I've taught, I've never met one who couldn't be taught to succeed with reading and math. There may be a very small handful. If you know of some please let me know.
Since every child, parent, teacher, home and classroom is unique, each solution, skill and tool is designed to be personalized for individual and group use. 
Our nation is so in need of students with reading and math skills that I must say "Thank you" for taking the time to ensure it happens. Reading and math problems do not fix themselves.

Brainsarefun Reading is a 100 page eBook solution by Rory Donaldson
​that teaches parents and teachers
how to flood kids with reading and math success.
Price $24.95 *



THE FACTS ARE IRREFUTABLE – All the proof is in: children who succeed with reading and math have the best chance of continuing their educations and holding jobs with a future. Children who read and succeed with math are happier than children who struggle with reading and math. Success with reading and math correlates with success in school and in life. Children who can read and succeed with math have many important doors open to them. It's never too early or too late to begin. You can download the solution and begin tonight if you want. If your kids are young. That's good. Begin tonight. If your kids are older, that's good. Begin tonight. Your choice will make an immediate difference.

Brainsarefun solutions begin with 3 fundamental principles that set kids up for school success:

  • Kids almost always have enough brains when parents and teachers flood them with reading and math success.
  • When kids struggle with reading and math it's almost never because they're not smart enough. I'm with Zig Engelmann (the father of Direct Instruction) when he says, "If the student hasn't learned, the teacher hasn't taught."
  • Cooperation before instruction is always the mandate great teachers and parents learn. 

PARENTS who use these principles experience new success with reading and math, improved homework, better bedtime routines and more family unity. Grades improve. You can read parent testimonials here.

TEACHERS experience new success with reading and math, classroom unity improves. Grades improve. You can read some of our teacher reviews here.

GRANDPARENTS send a very important message across the generations, the importance of continuing education. Grades improve. You can read grandparent reviews here.

KIDS AND STUDENTS of all ages and abilities succeed with reading, writing, listening, speaking, information organization, critical thinking, study skills and math. Grades improve. You can read student testimonials here.






Will these skills, tools and solutions work for you and your kids? Gifted and talented? Specially challenged? ESL? Dyslexic? Students with attention deficit? You will be the final proof, but all my experience says, "Yes." Our solutions work because they're built on the experience of success and I've never heard of a kid who didn't love success.

I started teaching and selling solutions because I want more kids to read and succeed with math so they can continue their educations and hold jobs with a future. 
Brainsarefun skills, tools and solutions do both, teach your kids to succeed with reading and math. Mastering these skills is essential for kids who need to continue their educations and hold jobs with a future. It's what I want for my kids and I'm sure it's what you want for yours.
In 1963 I began reading aloud for the unity of my own family and ended up teaching reading, writing, study skills and success with math to more kids than I can count, all ages, abilities and background.
The very first thing I learned was that most kids are plenty smart. A child's failure is very rarely due to lack of brains. Academic struggle is due almost entirely to a failure to flood kids with reading and math success.
In 2001 I started publishing Brainsarefun to answer all the questions parents, teachers and students were asking me about reading, math and academic success.
I collected all these answers and am publishing them so you can learn the same skills, tools and solutions. Your kids will be glad you did.
I've used these solutions, I've proven them, and I've seen kids, teachers and parents have enormous success. Simply enough, these solutions work because they're built on flooding kids with reading and math success.
YES! I've collected data that clearly demonstrates that Brainsarefun solutions work with all ages, abilities and learning styles.
TO DEMONSTRATE HOW WELL I personally administered standardized reading tests to 200 diverse 5th through 12th grade students. At the end of 20 hours of group instruction (2-20 students per group, 4 hours a week for 5 weeks) I tested them all again and here are both the "decoding" and "comprehension" results:
  • HIGHEST READING GAIN, 5 years after only 20 hours of instruction
  • AVERAGE READING GAIN, 2.1 years after only 20 hours of instruction
  • LOWEST READING GAIN, 1 year after only 20 hours of instruction

You'll note that the "average" reading gain is 2.1 years. This is a remarkable gain since students who are not taught these skills average only a 1/4 to 1/2 year gain during the same period. Similar results with math are experienced.

Here's an important rule-of-thumb to consider:

  • "A" students read 2 or more years above grade level, achieve top grades, continue their educations at top schools and hold high-level jobs with a future.
  • "B" students read 1 year above grade level, achieve above-average grades, continue their educations at above-average schools and hold above-average jobs with a future.
  • "C" students read at grade level, achieve average grades, continue their educations at average schools and hold average jobs.
  • "D" students read 1 year below grade level, receive below-average grades, struggle to continue their educations and hold below-average jobs.
  • "E-F" students read 2 or more year below grade level and rarely continue their educations or hold jobs with a future.
When kids aren't succeeding academically it's rarely because they lack brains. Most kids are plenty smart. The problem almost always is, they haven't been taught how to read and succeed. The good news is, Brainsarefun Reading sets them up for success. They can start immediately and the skills, tools and solutions they learn last a lifetime.
Brainsarefun Reading is designed to compliment your school or home reading program. I am so confident that the skills, tools and solutions you'll learn will teach kids to read and succeed that I'll give you back twice what you paid for it if you don't agree. Not only that, since you're buying Brainsarefun Reading you are free to share it with your friends via email. The more of us using these teaching skills, the more academic success our kids will have.

Brainsarefun Reading is a 100 page eBook by Rory Donaldson that teaches parents and
teachers how to flood kids with reading success.
Price $24.95*


The solution is easy to learn, quick to implement and fast to get results. The skills can be taught one-on-one or to classes. The skills and tools are easy to start learning. Kids, paremnts and teachers continue to use them because they're self rewarding.

Will these skills, tools and solutions work for you and your children and students? Gifted and talented? Specially challenged? ESL? Dyslexic? Students with attention deficit? You will be the final proof, but all my experience says, "Yes." Our solutions work because they're built on the experience of success.

You can download the eBook.pdf immediately to your computer and share it freely via email with your friends and family. Our learning objectives are simple:

  • ALL STUDENTS AVERAGE 2.1 years reading gain both decoding and comprehension as measured by the standardized test of your choice.
  • Math scores average 1 year gain in 10 hours of instruction.
  • Kids start on time, stay on task, complete assignments.
  • More fun.

The beauty is, you have nothing to lose because I'll always return your money immediately. Or, if you prefer, just email me and I'll send you a copy for free. Email me your request today.

When is it too early to start? It's never too early. It's perfectly appropriate to begin reading aloud to newborns and then keep right on reading. Special instructions address ages Birth through K; K through 8; 8 through 12; College and adult learners; specially challenged; Dyslexia; Gifted and Talented, ESL…

Since you have nothing to lose and academic lives to save, download our eBook immediately. Reading failure will not fix itself – any more than math failure. There are no more excuses because you'll get skills, tools and solutions that will be personalized for your kids' success.

Beginning in 2001 Brainsarefun started building student success on a foundation of positive discipline, personalized success, phonic reading and direct instruction. The step-by-step scripts, examples and sample contracts included in our solutions are the fruit. We have stacks of testimonials. Since I have never seen or heard of a student, child or adult who didn't respond to success, there is every reason to believe you will have just as great an experience.

See what our critics are saying.


Brainsarefun Reading – How to Teach Your Kids to Read and Succeed – $24.95 *

Designed for children and students of all ages and abilities, clear and easy-to-use skills and solutions build on:

  • Positive Discipline 
  • Phonic Reading
  • Direct Instruction
  • Winning Contracts 
  • Accelerated-Learning-Study-Skills
  • Starting on Time, Staying on Task, Completing Assignments
  • A Literature of Hope
  • Family and Classroom Unity

During my years as a reading and study-skills teacher, school director and parent my colleagues and I proved every skill, tool and solution used here – again and again. I'm passing on the skills, tools and solutions because they're easy to understand and they work. There are no more excuses.

Clear examples and sample contracts prepare children to continue their educations and hold jobs with a future, beginning as early as tonight.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Reading scores jump across the board. Kids are happier.
  • Students start on time, stay on task, complete assignments. Parents and teachers are happier.
  • Kids read and succeed. Families and classrooms experience unity and are happier. 

The price of the solution is 24.95 *. But please, if you can't afford that price, email me and I'll send you a copy for free. Your kids' success is that important. Failing to learn these skills and behaviors NOW, threatens academic lives and economic well-being for a lifetime.

As a teacher I learned that teaching kids to read and succeed (all ages and backgrounds) really isn't that hard – but I had to learn how and where to begin. The skills, tools and solutions presented in Brainsarefun Reading provide a very specific bullseye for us to hit. The bullseye is teaching kids to read and succeed academically.
I'm not exaggerating when I tell you, I've used every skill, tool and solution presented here with great success – at home and school, in the workplace, with all ages, intelligences and learning styles. You don't need special computer software. You don't require expensive books or materials. You don't require special tutoring. All you need to know is how and where to begin.

I've been asked if these skills, tools and solutions are my own invention. Not really. For the most part they are timeless principles organized in new and useful ways. I did not invent phonic reading, direct instruction, winning contracts or positive discipline. What I did invent is how to put them together into successful teaching systems that provide kids with skills that allow them to continue their educations and hold jobs with a future.

Teaching kids to read doesn't have to wait.  I think you'll enjoy what students, teachers and parents have to say.

ALL BRAINSAREFUN SOLUTIONS ARE 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEED and fully integrate with every home and school curriculum and sequence I've ever seen, including Kahn Academy, Core Knowledge, The Common Core State Standards (CCSS), No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, Experiential Education and Outward Bound.

Since 2001 I've publicly posted this request again and again, "Please show me a better way to teach kids to read and succeed." So far no one has – and for good reason. They can't. Click here for testimonials.

BRAINSAREFUN'S MISSION IS TO SAVE ACADEMIC LIVES by teaching all kids to read and succeed with math, in fun and self-rewarding ways that build family and classroom unity. I know you and your kids will have the same success. 

Thanks for all you do to help kids read and succeed. How I can help?

Working together, we really do make a difference,

Rory Donaldson, What makes him so smart?
Denver, Colorado 80238

Thank you in advance for your support. Your purchases help provide Brainsarefun for free when needed.


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* Don't fret. If you're a parent, teacher, student or grandparent who can't afford $24.95 just send me an email and I'll send you the complete system for free (no strings attached). Your kids' success is that important.

Brainsarefun Reading and Brainsarefun copyright © 2001, 2012, 2013 by Rory Donaldson. All rights reserved. Because saving academic lives is so critical you have our permission to freely email or distribute Brainsarefun skills, tools and solutions to friends and family for non-commercial use, no additional permission to distribute required. Please request written permission if you'd like to use commercially. These solutions are so important I want you to learn about them and pass them on to others. Let me hear of your challenges and successes.

Thanks, Rory.