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Built on years of teaching the widest-possible range of kids to succeed with reading, math and study skills, in 2001 I began publishing a set of skills, tools and solutions called Brainsarefun. These early postings were descriptions of the successes I was witnessing every day.

In 2012 I joined forces with my son Chris in order to launch Brainsarefun 2.0, making it far easier for parents and teachers to succeed with these skills, tools and solutions. Since then we have continued to flood kids, parents and teachers with reading, math and study skill-success. I honestly believe we’re the only educational website that matters because the skills we teach work. How come they work so well? Because each skill, tools and solution is built on success and I’ve never met a kid, or adult, who didn’t love success.


Rory Donaldson, Chief Brain, Brainsarefun
What makes him so smart?
10401 E 28 Pl.
Denver, CO 80238

Chris Donaldson – What makes him so smart?
Director of Marketing and Sales
567 Whitecap Road
Bellingham, WA 98229