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New eBook – The Amazing Math Machine

Parents, Teachers – Here's the perfect way for your kids to gain a full year of math skills in 10 hours of instruction, supercharging school success this year. Order today for $24.95 or all 3 solutions for $34.95 – complete.Succeed as early as tonight with one click of a button!

INSTANT DOWNLOAD – 100% Guaranteed.  Please remember, if you can't afford to purchase any of our solutions just let me know and I'll send them to you for free. Your success is that important. But remember, your purchase helps those in need. 



Product Description

The Amazing Math Machine works so well because it’s built on success. It works with all ages, abilities and learning styles:

  1. Kids who are just starting out
  2. Kids who are falling behind and need to catch up fast
  3. Kids who would like to accelerate one or more years above grade level
  4. Kids who need better test scores
  5. Kids who need immediate and massive success

The essential skills, tools and solutions you and your kids will learn:

  1. How to flood kids with math success and gain 1 year of math skill in 10 hours of instruction
  2. The great mandate, “Cooperation before instruction”
  3. Contracts and agreements that put kids in charge of winning
  4. Setting kids up for success with math
  5. The Amazing Math Machine
  6. Firming tables and operations to mastery
  7. Signaling
  8. Pointing and touching
  9. Answers first and the basic teaching technique and script
  10. Chorusing
  11. Correction
  12. “Stoopid” questions
  13. Copying
  14. Which math program works the best?
  15. Math Without Failure
  16. Speed and fluency
  17. Study Skills
  18. Answer and Solution Keys
  19. Includes sample Math Contracts

The Amazing Math Machine – This solution provides success with math from the very first day. There really is a better way. Order now – risk free! Price: $24.95.‚Äč

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NOTE: If you can't afford any of our skills, tools or solutions please email me for free copies. Your success is that important.

Chapters include:

  • How to Flood Your Kids with Math Success
  • The Key to Cooperation
  • Operations
  • Functions
  • Answers First
  • The Addition Table
  • The Subtraction Table
  • The Multiplication Table
  • The Division Table
  • Answer Keys
  • Solution Keys
  • The Simplest Success With Math Exercise of All
  • A Sample Math Contract for Copying

Thanks for all you do to help kids succeed with reading,




Rory Donaldson
Chief Brain, reading, math and study-skills teacher
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