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Here's a Note We Just Received from One of our Autism Parents

Hi Rory,

Thank you for offering to add my name to your mailing list.  I would enjoy receiving your material (I assume it’s an email newsletter!).

I enjoy your site for many reasons.  Your focus on kids actually learning to read, all your helpful ideas (the 5-5-5 system, among others), and especially, the concept of “flood the child with success.”  Those few words say so much and really force one to do a lot of self-examination.

I am interested in reading instruction because I have been home-schooling my now-16-year old son (severe autism, profoundly nonverbal) since he was 4.  I had no idea how….

 I was going to teach him until my autism consultant handed me the 100 Easy Lessons book.  By lesson 17 my son was reading!  Once I found out about DI, I switched over to that completely.  DI is wonderful, and I have been able to enhance my son’s lessons by going to the websites of many of the good people on the DI list; they post ideas, methods, resources, and I pick and choose according to what I need for my son.  Your site has helped me many times over the years.  I now have a small home-based tutoring center and work primarily with kids with special needs.

So, thank you for your wonderful site and all the methods and resources you provide.   Would it be okay for me to post information about your site on local school-related listserves?

Martha Gabler
Autism Parent
Director, Kids’ Learning Workshop LLC
Silver Spring, MD