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The Brainsarefun Academic Success Blog

Here's a Note We Just Received from One of our Autism Parents

Hi Rory,

Thank you for offering to add my name to your mailing list.  I would enjoy receiving your material (I assume it’s an email newsletter!).

I enjoy your site for many reasons.  Your focus on kids actually learning to read, all your helpful ideas (the 5-5-5 system, among others), and especially, the concept of “flood the child with success.”  Those few words say so much and really force one to do a lot of self-examination.

I am interested in reading instruction because I have been home-schooling my now-16-year old son (severe autism, profoundly nonverbal) since he was 4.  I had no idea how….

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Welcome to the Brainsarefun Blog

There's a saying we like to follow at Brainsarefun, and that's 'Always Be Launching'. So we're excited to launch this new blog and further the discussion about reading and succeeding. We look forward to your input.

As a starter, why not watch this important talk from Sal Kahn, who is all about promoting success. He's certainly mixing it up, and turning the education model in a good direction. And we like to celebrate people like that.


What do you think?